Thursday, June 9, 2016

Homeschooling Day 6/8

Today is my cleaning day at the church, and we got there for 8am. The kids went with me and helped me some, and also did some schoolwork. Sophie worked in her science notebook, drawing dinosaurs and writing facts.Then she did her cursive writing book. Christian did a history worksheet, then read a Star Wars book.

When we got home Sophie did a math lesson on Then she read half a chapter of "Where on Earth: A Georafunny Guide to the Globe" by Paul Rosenthal. I had her tell tell me any interesting or new facts she learned. I'm glad that she did find the book interesting, and the pictures were funny.

Later in the day, Sophie and I went to the Library and she got a book and a movie. After eating dinner, Christian mopped the floors and Sophie cleaned the car. Since Christian and I took a 9 week Dave Ramsey course, I give the kids weekly commisions.  We have a chart on the fridge listing the jobs that need to be done each week and the amount I will pay them for each job. This has been working out very well! Christian saved over $100 recently and with some added birthday money was able to buy a new 3DS.

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