Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A Full Day

I enjoy homeschooling, and I know that my job is important, but I wanted to journal some of our days so I can see what I am getting accomplished. Today was a full day. In the morning Sophie and I went grocery shopping. Christian stayed home and worked on his online courses (VLACS). Sophie and I have been taking a cooking class on Wednesday's and have been learning about how to read food labels. I was so impressed to see Sophie taking the time to reading almost every items label that we put in our cart. And if she read that something had corn syrup, too many grams of sugar or wasn't made from whole grains she suggested that we not buy it. I have been doing this for years, and to see her do it, made me so happy!

It was nice to come home and find that Christian had mopped the whole downstairs!  We all put away the groceries, then Sophie and I went back out to get the last of our groceries at the food co-op.  We had a quick lunch when we got back.

After lunch Christian and I read his Biology textbook together. A couple of times I stopped and had him tell back to me what we read. Then Sophie and I listened to Little Women on CD while drawing. I copied birds out of the book "Backyard Birds of Summer".  Sophie colored while we listened since she didn't get to on Friday. Next Sophie read "Archimedes and the Door of Science" while Christian helped me do laundry. Then I walked to the new bank down the road to open an account-it ended up taking an hour.

Christian spent the rest of the afternoon editing a movie review he is doing for fun. Sophie and I played scrabble, a game that I am addicted to lately, and she beat me! We had soup and salad for dinner, and then headed over to the YMCA with our neighbors. Christian swam with Troy, Sophie played Racquetball with Courtney, and I took a Zumba class.

After we got home I watched half of Captain America with Christian and Troy. I ended up going to bed early because I started getting a runny nose. Just as I got into bed, a friend called and wanted to know if she could sleep over. I didn't yet know the reason, so I prayed for the hour until she got here.  We stayed up until 1am talking. I was thankful that I could be there for her.

State House Field Trip

Last week I told Sophie that I needed a field trip! I called a friend and we decided on going to the state house. It turns out that a  friend of hers, who is also a homeschooling mom, gives tours at the state house. We also invited another homeschooling family to join us. Sophie learned about how laws are past, and some history of our state. Afterwards we went shopping then had lunch at Pizza Hut.